Thursday, September 11, 2008

WTF! An argument about penis size results in 3 deaths... WTF!

Three people were shot dead and two others are fighting for their lives after a remark about a patron's penis size escalated into a bloodbath at a tavern in Umbilo, Durban, on Wednesday night.

Horrified customers ducked for cover as gunmen opened fire at the Merseyside Pub and Tavern on Hillier Road.

Five men, including two police officers, were arrested at 4am on Thursday. 

Police said Nick Jansen van Rensburg, 57, and Rory Menzes, 40, were both shot in the chest and Shawn Strydom, 33, was shot in the head. All three men died at the scene. Two men were wounded and were rushed to a local hospital.

A police source said the two groups of men had been inside the tavern watching the World Cup qualifying game between England and Croatia last night.

"At some stage, one man from each group went into the tavern's toilets and there was an argument over the size of their penises." More...

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