Thursday, September 11, 2008

Feeling down and out? Don't swallow a pill; get a hug!!!

When we're feeling under the weather, most of us welcome a big hug. 

And scientists say there's a good reason why. For a soothing touch really can ease away pain. 

According to the Swedish research, when skin is heated to a temperature that makes us say,'Ouch', the pain can be lessened if you are stroked gently with a brush. 

This could explain why parents instinctively cuddle a child who has fallen over or offer to kiss a bruise better.

Even a comforting hand on the shoulder in times of crisis has its origins in the biology of touch, the British Association's Festival of Science, in Liverpool, heard. 

Research also shows that our skin is teeming with nerve fibres which spring into action when we are cuddled, stroked or gently touched. More...

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