Thursday, July 31, 2008

Got milk? No, wait! Got breastmilk? Hilarious...

WASILLA -- Got breast milk?

If so, don't brag about it.

The California Milk Processor Board might put you on notice too.

Talkeetna batik artist Barbara Holmes heard from the group behind the "got milk?" brand this month. 

Holmes made the mistake of advertising T-shirts and "onesies" -- those snappable one-piece underclothes for babies -- hand-lettered with the words "got breastmilk?" 

She whipped up 10 of the little things from her downtown Talkeetna home with an outhouse and no running water. She sold six at a holiday fair in the senior center two years ago, then moved on to other projects.

The letter from the board's Sacramento law firm showed up a few weeks ago. More...

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