Monday, August 29, 2016

Pensioner becomes postgraduate student at the age of 80...

A PENSIONER has become one of Britain’s oldest postgraduate students after being enrolled on a creative writing master’s degree - at the age of 80.

Grandmother Hilary Chalkley was encouraged by her children to complete the course as they didn’t want her to become ‘vegetative’.

She retired from her job as a cleaner six years ago, but found sitting at home ‘boring’.

Instead she joined a local college where she began to write romantic fiction, and now hopes to take her new-found talent to the next level.

Mrs Chalkley said: “I’m so excited to do this course.

“I want people in their eighties to now that their lives aren’t over, eighty is the new sixty, people should be going out and getting what they want.

“I was sat at the kitchen table with my two daughters and they said: ‘Mum, you’re vegetating’. More + photos...

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