Sunday, December 27, 2015

Zimbabwe woman divorces husband for snoring ... and no sex for ten years!!!

Weird divorce stories are nothing new,but this may be one of the strangest we have ever heard.

A Bulawayo woman studying for a Doctorate in Philosophy (PHd) filed for a decree of divorce against her husband of 29 years claiming she was allegedly fed up with his incessant and loud snoring which she said was like “a roaring tractor tilling on dry land.”

In her summons filed at Bulawayo High court,Nhlalwenhle Blessed Tshuma claimed that her husband William Tshuma was depriving her of sleep with his snoring which is so disruptive that she had never enjoyed a single peaceful night’s sleep.

She also stated that her husband ‘s s heavy snoring was disturbing her reading and that of her children as she is undergoing a PhD program.

In her submissions Nhlalwenhle said their marriage was also punctuated by a prolonged s.ex dry spell as they had not shared conjugal rights for over a period of 10 years. Full story...

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