Monday, August 25, 2014

Chef cooking snake dies after cobra bites him - 20 minutes AFTER head was cut off...

A chef preparing a dish from cobra flesh died when the snake's head bit him - 20 minutes AFTER it was cut off.

Victim Peng Fan had been preparing a special dish made from the Indochinese spitting cobra, a rare delicacy in Asia where eating snakes is commonplace.

But when he went to throw the serpent's severed head into the waste bin, it bit him - injecting him with its fast acting venom.

Police say Mr Peng died before he could be given life saving anti-venom in hospital.

Diners who were eating in the restaurant at the time have described screams coming from the kitchen as the tragedy unfolded.

Restaurant guest Lin Sun, 44, who was in the restaurant with his wife Su at the time said: "We were in the restaurant having a meal for my wife's birthday when suddenly there was a lot of commotion. Full story...

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