Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Customer fails in attempt to sue prostitute for refund over incomplete sex 'session'

A New Zealand man who tried to sue a prostitute for a refund on an incomplete sex "session" has had his case dismissed by a judge.

The unnamed customer and the sex worker, who were identified as Mr N and Ms M in court documents, had been in a two-month contractual sexual relationship.

According to reports from Fairfax News the pair's last session ended in a verbal disagreement at a brothel in 2012.

Mr N attempted to sue Ms M for $80,000 (£41,000) in compensation and damages, claiming that she had “gained unjust enrichment” and violated the country's Consumer Guarantees Act. He also claimed that Ms M had defamed him.

He initially attempted to claim damages for $4000 (£2,000), but later filed for $84,800 (£43,000), claiming Ms M breached his privacy. Full story...

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