Thursday, December 26, 2013

Belgium's fury over unpaid parking fines by diplomats in Brussels...

Belgium has criticised foreign diplomats for failing to pay parking fines they are incurring in Brussels - the world’s capital of diplomacy.

The city that hosts the European Union and Nato, and more diplomatic missions than anywhere else in the world, has nearly 1,000 outstanding traffic tickets and parking fines.

Emissaries and envoys to the EU and Belgium, who have legal immunity under the Vienna Convention, have angered the country’s foreign ministry by refusing to pay 971 fines over the past three years.

The worst offenders, named by Belgium’s De Tijd newspaper, include Germany, Greece, Hungary, Malta, Slovenia and Cyprus as “bad payers” in the 28 permanent representations of national governments to the EU.

Turkish military officials at Nato are also named as offenders well as diplomats at the embassies of Saudi Arabia and India who have also earned a reputation for binning traffic and parking fines. Full story...

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