Thursday, February 21, 2013

British couple to be deported from Australia for living in wrong suburb! WTF!

A British couple is facing deportation from Australia after settling in a suburb less than three miles from the area where they were supposed to live.

George and Lana Breen, from Dundee in Scotland, had a visa which required them to live in a regional area but accidentally moved to a suburb which – they discovered – was deemed to be in a city. They have lived in Australia for five years but are due to be deported on March 7.

"We've made an awful lot of friends here and to be sent home I think it's a bit of a disgrace", Mr Breen, a bricklayer, told Channel Seven.

 The couple, who live in a suburb south of the city of Brisbane, discovered they were living in the wrong zone under immigration laws when they applied for permanent residency two years ago. They received their visa under a government scheme to lure migrants to regional areas. Full story...

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