Monday, February 20, 2012

Female lawyers in Nepal weary of having to address judges as "husbands"

Meera Dhungana, 46, a lawyer, was 28 when she first stepped into the courtroom to try her first case. Though confident, she says she was uncomfortable addressing the judge. In Nepal, the word used to address the judge is “Shreeman,” which means “Husband.”

“To address a judge as, ‘Shreeman,’ that too for an unmarried woman to use that word, it becomes quite awkward,” she says.

She says the consequences can be more than discomfort for female lawyers.

“For women who aren’t confident enough, it could even put a negative impact on their case, resulting in them losing the case and denying their party justice,” she says.

Dhungana says she remembers that she didn’t address the judge during that first case. Full story...

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