Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Meet the man illiterate at 96, author at 98...

The story isn't that Jim Henry is 98; the story is that he was illiterate until he was 96.

"I couldn’t read, I couldn’t write," Henry said.

Now, Henry is an author. His book: "In a Fisherman's Language."

The lifelong lobsterman kept his secret until he moved to a senior home in Connecticut.

“As time went on and he lived here, he started talking about how he couldn’t read, he couldn’t write. And he opened up more to the residents, so that’s when it all came out and he took the initiative and wanted to learn to read and write. [He] started reading — initiated everything at 96. By 97, [he] was doing more and more, and then wrote the full-blown book at 98,” said Kellie Kulick, director of the senior home where Henry lives. Full story...

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