Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Two scorned women in Switzerland drug unfaithful lover, glue his testicles and decorate penis with pink feathers in revenge attack!!!

“Hey boys, watch out: this is what happens if you don't keep your dick under control,”

Two young women were convicted of sexual assault in the Zürich district court on Tuesday after seeking revenge on their philandering ex-lover last summer by gluing his testicles to his thigh and decorating his genital area with pink feathers.

The women, both 22, pleaded guilty to knocking out a 27-year old man with a date rape drug, tying him up, stripping him and abusing him on the sofa in his apartment in July 2010.

The court found the women guilty of sexual assault, false imprisonment, causing bodily harm, and breach of narcotics laws. Each were handed 14-month suspended sentences with a three year probation period.

As part of their vendetta, the women stuck pink feathers to their former partner's genitalia, glued his testicles to his thigh, painted his penis with pink nail polish, sprayed him with fake tan, dressed him in a bra and mini-skirt, and applied make-up to his face. More...

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