Thursday, September 22, 2011

Swiss soldier jailed for saying ''bonjour'' to superior!!! WTF!

A Swiss army soldier who greeted a colonel at the entrance to his barracks in Canton Wallis with a lively morning "bonjour" has been sentenced to four days in prison for his unsuitable greeting.

The 28-year old "Philemon K.", from Wil in in eastern Switzerland, was on an army refresher course at the time of his misplaced pleasantry, Blick newspaper reported.

The chirpy soldier, who normally works as a car painter, said he had only wanted to be polite when he arrived for morning duty on September 12th at the St Maurice barracks in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, just south of Montreux.

“I was glad to be there and have always been a proud soldier,“ he said. Full story...

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