Monday, August 01, 2011

Pimp in India refuses to return minor girl to her family unless they replace her with another girl!!!

Family members of Salma (name changed), a 14 year-old girl from Mira Road, is a tense lot. They allege that in a perverse exchange offer of sorts, a Bangladeshi man named Shahjahan, has kidnapped and sold her off to the flesh trade, and has since been offering to return her, provided they replace her with another minor girl.

They also allege that the local police is cahoots with the criminals, which is why even after two months, Salma is still missing, and Shahjahan, absconding.

According to a complaint filed on May 19 at Kanakia police station, the girl went missing from a mall at Mira Road. Family members say, fed up with the police's alleged inaction even after three days, they launched their own search, with the help of some local youth. More...

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