Monday, August 01, 2011

How Hollywood programs us to ignore the ‘men behind the curtain’

They are partners in propaganda, collaborators in control.

The mainstream news media and Hollywood movie studios are cogs in a powerful machine that conditions us to accept a world view favourable to the global corporate elite.

Most of us are not even aware we’re being conditioned; we don’t see how we’re being manipulated. That’s why it works so well.

The media contribute to the deception by how they cover the news or don’t cover it – in other words, which subjects they ignore and which questions they avoid asking.

Most of us think the media have the job of keeping the powers that be in check, and exposing their mistakes and excesses. But in reality, the media are the propaganda arm of the power structure, and they exist to support and reinforce perceptions that favour the elites.

This can easily be seen in how they cover 9/11 and the supposed “war on terror.” The mainstream media might dabble at times in doubts about how the war is being waged, but they won’t expose the fact that it is a complete Orwellian fraud designed to keep us distracted and frightened while the elites go about their business of raping our planet and enslaving its inhabitants. More...

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