Sunday, February 20, 2011

When did it become a crime to be old in this country?

WHEN did it become a crime to be old in this country? I clearly must have missed something because the way in which we treat our older generations is a despicable mix of criminal neglect and callous disregard.

As if that wasn’t unpalatable enough, some NHS trusts are preparing to use anti-trespass laws to evict elderly ­patients from their hospital beds.

In other countries the old are revered and treated with suitable respect. Some minority faiths actually celebrate the wisdom of age. Here, we shunt them off to retirement homes with cute names to watch them die.


That’s putting it too bloody mildly in my book. A woman being discharged in another patient’s soiled clothes, which were held together by paper-clips; a man dying from cancer left without water and unable to reach the panic button eventually succumbing to dehydration; feeding trays continually left out of patients’ reach and another pensioner left for three hours in a waiting room as his 82-year-old wife died in a nearby ward. Full story...

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