Sunday, September 19, 2010

There's a life after retirement? Elderly Swiss flocking to universities...

Among the fresh-faced students arriving for the start of the academic year at Swiss universities is a growing body of older rookies.

Europe’s ever-greying population is creating greater demand for late adult education. In Switzerland, courses for the over-60s, which are run by the University of the Third Age (U3A), have been receiving record numbers of applications.

Typically attached to established universities, Switzerland has nine such institutions. Each offers a programme of around 30 lectures spread over the academic year. More...

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  1. With more seniors choosing an active lifestyle upon retirement, they need the necessary knowledge to go on, and do the things that they've wanted to do. It's so amazing and touching at the same time; that retirees have this conviction of not stopping to contribute to their society. These Swiss schools really give all the opportunity they can offer.

  2. Some of the courses are really very interesting. They even have cultural visits to neighbouring countries at a very reasonable price for senior citizens.

    Elderly people have a lot of experience that they can share and it's a pity that, in many countries, they are simply dumped aside as of no value..