Friday, November 12, 2010

Sexy bikini posters enliven Polish municipal polls!!!

"The deeds count, not the words, so I will not promise anything. I live in Bemowo in Warsaw. I walk the same streets, do shopping in the same shops and I have the same problems as other residents. I will be trying to make a better living in my city.
I am honest, consistent, ambitious, hardworking and independent.
I want to change the world and help people solve their problems.
I am young but I have a lot of experience and my education is related to cultural policy, media and soliciting funds from the European Union

A Polish singer and tabloid celebrity has put up posters of herself stretched out on the sand in a provocative bikini as part of her campaign to win a Warsaw district council seat in municipal elections on November 21.

Several of the posters -- -- are to be seen around Warsaw's Bemowo district bearing Sara May's slogan: "Beautiful, independent, competent." More... 

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