Sunday, November 07, 2010

American woman falls for online scam and ends up in Australia!!!

A Eugene woman has accused a Seattle-area man of coercing her into making trips to Australia and Arizona under the pretense of continuing a relationship started online.

Wika Woodrich has filed a suit in Lane County Circuit Court seeking $50,000 from Craig Osborne of Issaquah, Wash.

Woodrich says she met Osborne online in 2007. He told her he was unmarried and didn't have any children.

Woodrich says Osborne told her he was diagnosed with cancer in Australia, prompting her to fly there. When she arrived, Osborne allegedly told her he was in Arizona. When she arrived in Arizona, Osborne allegedly told her he was in Los Angeles, receiving treatment for swine flu.

Woodrich says in the lawsuit that she confronted Osborne at his Issaquah home and found that he was married with children. Source...

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