Thursday, June 03, 2010

Singapore undertaker buries the poor and the needy for free. Cool guy...

As the coffin of 92-year-old Lim Kim Guan was carried out of a hearse, the puzzled crematorium officer asked undertaker Roland Tay: "Where is his family?"

"We are his family," Tay replied with a wan smile, gesturing to himself and his wife at the funeral of the elderly man who died penniless and alone in a welfare home.

Two helpers and a Buddhist monk formed the rest of the funeral party on a hot and humid afternoon in May.


Tay also handled the funeral of Nguyen Tuong Van, a Vietnamese Australian hanged in Singapore for drug trafficking in 2005.

"I do not bother about what his crime was. I only bother that his mother was here, and really had no money," Tay said. Full story...

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