Saturday, October 10, 2009

Why do politicians fawn over Bono, a smug, hypocritical, whining, tax dodging Irish mountebank?

To encounter Bono at one party conference might be construed a misfortune.

To be subjected to a Save The Third World sermon by this runty rock squillionaire at both Labour and Conservative party conferences was enough to make a reasonable man come over all Pete Townsendish and want to snap Bono's guitar in two.

What is it about this whiny little Dubliner that makes one's gorge rise?

What is it that makes him feel he can lecture the rest of us about how to spend our tax money, while he himself leads a life of near-unimaginable wealth?

Has he ever been elected? No. Is he particularly eloquent? Nope. He just happens to be exceedingly rich. And famous. More...

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