Monday, April 13, 2009

Civics students in India will get bonus marks if their parents vote!!!

Make parents vote and get two grace marks - this is the promise that authorities of a school here have made in an effort to prod citizens to exercise their right to franchise. 

"The grace marks will be added to the final score in the internal exam of the students in Civics subject who submit a written note from their parents affirming that they had excercised their franchise," Shivraj Pimpurde, principal of 'Gurukul' day school run by the reputed 'Dnyanprabodhini' educational trust here, told PTI on Friday. 

The school affiliated to CBSE has 106 students studying in fifth to tenth standards. 

Mr. Pimpurde said he thought of this symbolic gesture to create awareness among a large number of educated citizens who do not vote. 

The school has displayed a sign board saying " To vote is a national religion". 

The principal said he had also contacted 25 schools in Maharashtra urging them to use moral pressure of students to enthuse eligible voters in their families to emphasise democratic rights and obligations.


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