Wednesday, February 04, 2009

India: because they loved each other, they have lived under a tree ... for 25 years!!!

Left without a roof over their heads for marrying against their families' wishes, a couple in Jharkhand took shelter under a tree 25 years ago. It was to be their nest for the rest of their life.

Mangra Mahali and his wife Balkhi, both tribals in their early 50s, have been living under a tree near the Tatisilve railway station, about 30 km from here.

The couple lived in the same village and fell in love. But their families opposed their union and they were thrown out of their homes.

The couple then went to the village temple to take shelter. The priest, fearing a backlash from the parents and villagers, refused to provide them shelter. Left with no option, the couple spent the night under the tree, locally known as the dudhiya pakhar which resembles the banyan tree. More...

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