Wednesday, January 07, 2009

India: meet 8-year-old Aman Rehman, the world's youngest lecturer!!!

Aman Rehman cuts a less than commanding figure at Dehra Dun's College of Interactive arts where he teaches adult students computer-generated animated film.

His voice is slight and high-pitched and he is barely taller than the lectern, but then he is only eight. 

His family believe he may be the world's youngest college lecturer and has now applied to Guinness World Records to recognise his achievement. 

His parents became aware of his talent when he was just three years old. His father, an illiterate scooter-mechanic who supports his wife and three children on £60 pounds a month, had struggled to buy a second-hand computer for their older son, and Aman was fascinated by it, watching his brother's every move on the cursor. More...

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