Saturday, December 06, 2008

Mumbai attacks: Indians lose faith in the State and queue up for gun licences...

The recent terror attacks in Mumbai have left a haze of fear over the city that 
clearly won’t dissipate soon. While most people go about their routines in trepidation, there are others who are reaching out for the first weapon they can lay their hands on, in self-defence.

Arms and ammunition dealers in the city are seeing a rise in inquiries from corporates and the well-heeled residents of south Mumbai, who are suddenly keen to own guns. 

Shabbir Bandukwala, a third generation owner of an arms shop told ET, “There have been inquiries from corporates, industrialists, jewellers and even builders. People come in wanting to know how to get a licence. They want to feel safe. Some have even inquired about bullet-proof jackets.” More...

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