Thursday, November 20, 2008

Teachers in an English school doing "spot checks" on their pupils' underwear!!!

A row erupted today over claims that teachers were checking pupils' underwear to make sure they comply with a new school uniform policy. 

Parents said their children were told what colour pants and bras they can wear and teachers were doing "spot checks" under the new rules introduced at Kings School in Winchester, Hants. 

Staff at the mixed 11 to 16-year-old comprehensive dismissed the claims and said they only issued guidance on what was appropriate to wear.

But parents said it was "ridiculous" and an invasion of their children's privacy. 

The boys were told to wear white or black underpants and a belt if needed to stop their trousers hanging low, in line with fashion, and exposing their underwear. 

Girls were told to wear white or light-coloured, unpadded bras underneath their blouses. More...

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