Monday, October 20, 2008

China: man cuts off 12-year-old son's penis. WTF!

A 12 year old boy was admitted to a Chengdu hospital with head injuries and a severed penis earlier this year. His stepfather found him lying down weakly on a couch at home watching television. When Xiaotian's stepdad saw his head injuries, he sensed something was amiss. The boy took a while to divulge the full extent of his injuries, but it took some prodding before he revealed that it was his biological father that was the culprit. By the time the boy was admitted to hospital, he had already been without medical treatment for a couple of days. Doctors found the his head heavily scabbed and his genital area heavily infected.

When the journalist visited Xiaotian's father, Huang Changshou, he was at home sleeping. Xiaotian's bloodstains could still be seen around the house. Asked how he could sleep when his own son was so severely injured in hospital, Huang replied that he had already been to the hospital to see Xiaotian. He told the media he had no idea what happened to the boy, only that he found him one day past midnight fainted by the door. After he found out about his son's injuries, Huang said he proceeded to self-medicate by buying anaesthetic from the pharmacy because he had no money to bring the boy to the hospital. Source + video in mandarin...

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