Sunday, August 03, 2008

Lahore: Two sisters and their father locked up for 15 years...

The chief minister's inspection team here on Saturday recovered two 'abnormal' women and their father, allegedly locked up by their brother for the last 15 years, from a house situated near the Shah Noor Studio in the Iqbal Town police precincts.

The raid was conducted on the complaint of local people while the CM's inspection team was accompanied by members of the Punjab Emergency Service (Rescue 1122). The victims, identified as Riffat Bibi, 30, Nighat, 27, and their father Nazeer, son of Nawab Din, were residents of Street No 14, Saidpur Stop, Shah Noor.

A Rescue 1122 official said that the CM's inspection team had asked the rescuers to accompany them for the recovery of the girls, who were allegedly confined to their house. A rescuer, who was part of the operation, told this scribe that when the inspection team broke the door, which was locked from outside, Riffat locked herself in a room while Nighat was found sitting in the garage along with her father Nazeer. Rescue 1122 officials ruled out the notion that the two women were forcibly kept in the house, saying that they were living on their own will. 

It was learnt that the victim Nazeer was a retired Wapda employee and his accused son Qaisar, 35, who got his father's position, was expelled from his job a few months back. 

The family was living in abject poverty as the sole breadwinner of the house, Qaiser, was also unemployed. As a result, the victims were living without any proper food.

The Rescue 1122 shifted the three victims to the Services Hospital where doctors initially declared the two women abnormal. 

The look and behaviour of the victims also implied that that they were not locked up but were kept in the house on their own will. Neither Sabzazar nor Iqbal Town police knew about the incident when contacted.


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  1. may Allah help us , to me pakistan is surely in trouble due to apathy of us as an indivisual and as a nation and wide spread corruption.