Sunday, August 03, 2008

Aussie PM Kevin Rudd's ancestor was an underwear thief!!!

One of Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s ancestors was a street urchin sentenced to death for stealing a dress and underwear, researchers said Thursday.

And his paternal fourth great-grandfather, Thomas Rudd, was transported to Australia in 1801 to serve a seven-year sentence for “unlawfully acquiring a bag of sugar”, according to a new family history.

Far from being the embarrassment it might have been just a couple of decades ago, the discovery is likely to give Rudd’s image a boost as convict ancestry is something of a badge of honour in modern Australia.

About 160,000 convicts were deported from Britain to Australia between 1788 and 1868, often for relatively minor offences, and their role in the development of the country is now embraced with a rebellious pride.

Rudd’s paternal fifth great-grandmother Mary Wade was a London street urchin, who made a pittance by sweeping streets and begging, the national AAP news agency quoted the family history as showing.

In 1788, aged 12, she and an older girl coaxed an eight-year-old girl into a toilet where they stripped her of her dress and underwear. More...

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