Saturday, July 19, 2008

Poll: 78% of U.S. workers feel burned out...

Burned out on your job? Don't sweat it. Apparently, you're not alone. 

Some 78 percent of American workers say they feel burned out, according to a study conducted by Rochester, N.Y. pollster Harris Interactive on behalf of, the jobs Web site. 

The survey of more than 7,600 workers also found that 46 percent of workers say their workload has increased over the last six months. About 45 percent described their current workload as heavy or too heavy. About 23 percent say they are dissatisfied with their current work/life balance. 

But employers have taken notice and are offering more flexible work arrangements to keep employees happy. 

About 54 percent of workers said their companies offer some sort of flexible work arrangements, and 66 percent indicated they take advantage of at least one of the programs offered. Programs include alternative schedules, compressed work weeks, telecommuting, summer hours and job sharing.


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