Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Berlin pubs force U-turn on smoking ban...

Anti-smoking laws have been dramatically watered down in Berlin in an attempt to protect smaller bars and pubs from being driven out of business, opening the prospect of the law being challenged throughout Germany. 

In a ruling which smoking campaigners hope will set a precedent, the German Constitutional Court has ordered the government to re-draft a law which expelled smokers from bars and restaurants, or herded them into separate rooms. 

After hearing complaints by small bar owners that the ban was wrecking their trade, the judges ruled that any single-room bar or pub smaller than 75 square metres should be allowed to waive the anti-smoking legislation on condition that under-18s are not admitted and no food is prepared. 

So far, the ruling applies only to Berlin and the south-western state of Baden Wuerttemberg. However, it is expected to become the model for Germany as a whole, and many smokers hope it will start a European roll-back.  More...

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