Monday, September 18, 2017

Court asks if donkey at fault for mistaking orange sports car for carrot!!!

A court case has been in session in Gießen this week over a rather unusual dispute: a hungry donkey, a bright orange Mclaren sports car and thousands of euros of damage.

On September 15th last year Markus Zahn parked his €300,000 bright orange Mclaren 650S Spider in a car park bordering a paddock in the state of Hesse.

To his misfortune, a donkey by the name of Fitus, who was grazing in the paddock at the time, decided to take a bite out of the car. Police speculated at the time that he had mistaken the garish vehicle for a a carrot.

After dropping off his health card, Zahn returned to his car, but was surprised to see a fluffy pair of ears in his rear wing-mirror, he told Bild. Full story...

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