Monday, July 03, 2017

Paris to crack down on Airbnb rentals by creating obligatory registry...

Paris authorities are aiming to introduce a new law that will force those who rent apartments on Airbnb to register the property with the City Hall first.
From December authorities in Paris plan to force people renting out their apartments on short-term apartment rental websites like Airbnb to first to register the property at the City Hall.

The new rule which looks set to be voted through unanimously by the Paris City Council this week, aims to target landlords flouting France's 120-day legal limit set for renting out primary residences.

"The landlords will be able to register from October 1st, and from December 1st, the step will be obligatory," explained Ian Brossat, the deputy in charge of housing at Paris City Hall.

It could also put an end to tenants putting their apartments on Airbnb without the permission of the owners. Full story...

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