Saturday, June 10, 2017

Japan has a chicken sandwich with hot sauce so spicy you have to sign a consent form to eat it...

For a while, it seemed like whatever psychotherapy Lotteria’s chefs were undergoing was working. It’d been months since Japan’s craziest fast food chain had released a hamburger with super-stretchy cheese, purple sauce, or ten patties and an anime tie-in.

But apparently Lotteria’s chefs have busted out of the asylum, and they’ve created something that’s, by the standards of the company itself, litigiously insane. On June 8, Lotteria began selling what it calls the Death Spicy Tandoori Chicken Sandwich, and if you want it as spicy as possible, you’re required to sign a liability waiver before they’ll serve you.

Lotteria has actually added three spicy sandwiches simultaneously to its menu. There’s the standard Karakuchi (“Spicy”) Tandoori Chicken Sandwich, and above that in the pantheon there’s the Umakara (“Deliciously Spicy”) Tandoori Chicken Sandwich and the Gekikara (Shockinlgy Spicy) Tandoori Chicken Sandwich. Full story...

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