Tuesday, April 18, 2017

We CAN put Blair in the dock over the Iraq War, say lawyers...

Tony Blair still faces being dragged before the courts for leading Britain into the disastrous Iraq War.

Leading barristers representing bereaved families of British troops killed in the controversial conflict believe there is evidence the ex-prime minister committed ‘misfeasance in public office’.

The legal team has gone through the 2.6million-word, 12-volume Chilcot Report into the invasion of Iraq with a fine-tooth comb for the past eight months.

They now conclude there is a strong case Mr Blair misled Parliament to justify the catastrophic 2003 war, which cost the lives of 179 UK personnel.

The development comes after it emerged that the Attorney General is seeking to block a separate attempt to bring legal action against the former prime minister over the conflict. Full story...

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