Tuesday, April 11, 2017

'My Airbnb flat was turned into a pop-up brothel'

I feel like I've been conned. I feel like I've been deceived and forced into doing something that I wouldn't ordinarily have done.

I lived here for six years, then I moved away, so I'm letting it out.

You could get four people in here, so [£85 per night] is pretty good compared to a hotel rate.

They made a booking through the Airbnb website. They messaged and said that they wanted to pay cash, which I was a little bit suspicious of, and I refused that.

It's not only against the rules, but also if anything goes wrong then it's a booking that's outside of the website and not covered by any of the guarantees. You might as well just get someone in off the street.

So when they checked in I was a little bit suspicious, but I thought little else of it. Full story...

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