Sunday, October 09, 2016

Why can’t Nigeria’s president defeat Boko Haram?


This fits into a more general malaise that is eating away at Nigerian society, and which Buhari seems equally unable to address.

Something is rotten in Nigeria – and something peculiarly Nigerian at that. Violence has ticked up again in the Niger Delta, the Christian-Islamic divide is as great as it was when Buhari took office, and his painstakingly chosen cabinet has no great accomplishments to its name.

Everyone who seeks power still seems to be serving vested interests or pursuing personal gain. There is, in many respects, no longer a Nigeria. The name describes little more than a nation-sized slush fund.

All the while, the catastrophic insurrection in the north goes on. The army periodically claims Boko Haram is defeated or on the verge of defeat – and Boko Haram then proves it isn’t. In many ways, it seems better organised and more resilient than the army or the government itself. Full story...

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