Wednesday, August 17, 2016

It's time to pull the plug on the UN...

Every wonder what can possibly happen on a foreign aid humanitarian mission? Well, have a look. Now, I don’t want to make fun of this because this is a horrifying thing and the survivors will be in a living hell. But I will say this: I humbly suggest that every American demand our money back from the United Nations. How long have we been carrying water for this pathetic joke of a “peacekeeping force” that can’t seem to keep any peace, defend anybody, or stop “Never Again” from never again and again and again all over the place?

It seems that even the United States government itself peed down their pants leg about trying to stop the actions of what amounts to a terrorist group. They threw these people under the bus. Or, under the white-painted UN armored personnel carrier, such as the case may be. I would imagine the UN peacekeepers were too scared and too busy doing bong hits in those APCs to bother responding and doing their frickin’ jobs. Who was in charge of changing their diapers that day, anyway?Excuse me, but we can understand the UN wetting their pants at the thought of firing their own weapons. But what happened to the tough guys in the U.S. government that talk so tough you’d think they bite the heads off of animal crackers day and night?

Now, I would say that people really better think twice about serving in certain places overseas. Especially places where the kids probably get an AK-47 and a party-pack of grenades for their coming out party. Yes, it’s sad. Yes, it’s tragic. But in many cases, I’m sorry, but there’s not much you can do on the ground. And how about the fact that the United Nations is just a paper tiger? Think you can count on those blue-helmeted clowns to rescue anyone? Sometimes, those UN peacekeepers are the ones forming up rape gangs themselves. See, unarmed women are about all that a UN peacekeeping force can engage and survive without surrendering. Full story...

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