Monday, July 11, 2016

It’s Nikola Tesla’s birthday — He predicted and helped to develop the smartphone and FaceTime...


Although most of society couldn’t imagine the impressive capabilities of transmitting moving images over the airwaves, there were a few special folks out there who did.

Five years prior to the world seeing the first practical demonstration of the television, and scores before the first instance of the smartphone, Nikola Tesla, not only imagined it but had completed crucial steps for making it possible.

Television was only a small portion of Tesla’s predictions, however. In Volume 100 of Popular Science Monthly, January-June, 1922, Tesla would predict FaceTime.


But this amazing man, with such grand visions, didn’t stop at the prediction of FaceTime. Just a few years later, in an interview with Collier’s Weekly, Tesla predicted the smartphone.

An article dated January 25, 1926, by the Associated Press, documented the interview. Full story...

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