Thursday, June 30, 2016

Man marries his smartphone in US...

A Los Angeles man has married his smartphone in a church ceremony in Las Vegas, taking his cellphone love to a whole new bizarre level.

Aaron Chervenak, an artist-director, drove 365 kilometres from Los Angeles to Las Vegas to take part in a typical Las Vegas wedding.

The normal wedding had one deviation — the groom Aaron donned a tux while the bride wore a protective case.

“Do you, Aaron, take this smartphone to be your lawfully wedded wife, and do you also promise to love her, honor her, comfort and keep her, and be faithful to her?” Michael Kelly owner of the Little Las Vegas Chapel told the groom.

 “I do,” Aaron said, and then the groom placed his wife on his left ring finger, since the wife had a nifty little ring attached to her plastic cover, Las Vegas Review-Journal reported. Full story...

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