Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Spanish necrophilia movie is surprise hit in the Philippines!!!

Director Hèctor Hernández Vicens' first feature film The Corpse of Anna Fritz has only been viewed 9,000 times, making just €36,000 in Spain since its premiere in October, according to entertainment magazine Fotogramas.

But in the Philippines, the creepy thriller is raking in millions of views - all illegally.

The film tells the disturbing story of three young friends who decide to be the last people to have sex with a dead, beautiful actress named Anna Fritz inside of a morgue.

Fotogramas estimated that the movie has been viewed between 5 million to 7 million times in the Philippines, but the filmmakers are not making any money there.

 The movie crew told reporters that they started seeing dozens of messages posted on the film's unofficial Facebook page, written in Tagalog, the most widely spoken language in the Philippines, and other local languages. Full story...

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