Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Husband paid prostitute wife for sex!!!

Manica Post reported that the court gallery in Mutare was left in roars of laughter after the man said his wife was a sex worker whom he paid whenever he wanted to engage in sex with her.

 All this was revealed after Misheck Manapa had dragged Caroline Marange to the Mutare Civil Courts seeking a protection order against her.

Appearing before Magistrate Anniah Ndiraya, Manapa t said Marange was not his wife but a gold digging sex worker who was taking advantage of his bachelorhood.

He said the few times that he had had sex with Marange, he had begged her and paid her for her services since it was her way of doing business.

"The pregnancy that she is carrying is not mine because I was only her sex client since I had to pay her after service at all times. At one time, she even confiscated my phone after I had failed to pay for sex and would that be a wife? Full story...

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