Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The real face of Jesus is nothing like what you're shown in church...

Jesus's face has often been depicted in religious pieces of art as white with narrow features, framed by long, flowing hair, but a new discovery by scientists could change our perceptions of the religious icon completely.

The Son of God is now believed to have had a darker complexion, with a wider face, dark eyes, short curly hair and a bushy beard.

The discovery comes after a British scientist teamed up with Israeli archaeologists to analyse ancient Semite skulls using forensic anthropology - a method commonly used by police to solve crimes.

Richard Neave, a retired British anatomical artist, used forensic data from the skulls of first century Jewish men to illustrate what Jesus might have looked like.

Neave X-rayed "slices" of the skulls, thereby revealing intricate details of each one's structure. Full story...

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