Sunday, December 27, 2015

Italy to fine smokers €300 for tossing cigarettes...

Smokers beware: new 'green economy' laws approved by the Italian parliament on Tuesday will see those caught flicking their cigarette butts on the ground slapped with fines.

And it's not just smokers who are being targeted either. Those caught engaging in equally mindless but unfortunately no less common littering activities will also face fines.

Both inconsiderate chewers who spit their gum onto Italian streets and coffee drinkers who scrunch up their receipts and throw them on the floor will be fined between €30 and €150.

The legislation states that fines will hit people found throwing "small pieces of litter any place that isn't a bin: including the gutter, floor, and water".

The new initiative is part of a raft of new legislation comprising 79 separate clauses. The aim is to alleviate litter and pollution problems across the country, reduce Italy's dependency on fossil fuels and promote sustainable development.

 But it's not just citizens who need to make changes. Full story...

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