Saturday, July 11, 2015

Bonding with your kids in today's tech-obsessed world...

The next time you find yourself at a busy restaurant, take a look around at the kids. Young tikes all the way to older teens are bound to have some kind of techno-gadget in their hands.

Just last year, AVG Digital Diaries shared their findings on how the Internet is impacting kids today. They found that 42 percent of parents were worried that their children were spending too much time on devices. Also, 43 percent were concerned that their children did not get outside enough.

These concerns are just an unavoidable fact, given today's access to insta-entertainment. Long gone are the days where parents had to pack coloring books and small toys in diaper bags to keep on hand for squirming kids.

Sure, technology has made our lives, and our kids' lives, immeasurably better in many ways, but it is important to keep some real life family socialization in the mix as well. This is not news to parents - but it's something in which we could all use some guidance. Full story...

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