Thursday, May 07, 2015

What if Salman Khan had run over a fellow Bollywood superstar?

On a drunken night behind the wheel of a car, had Bollywood superstar Salman Khan mowed down a fellow Bollywood superstar, would there have been any debate on the quantum of punishment that the actor deserved? Or for that matter, would there have been any debate on whether he deserved to be punished at all?

If the victim had been somebody other than a faceless, impoverished pavement dweller, would there have been a teeny weeny bit more sympathy for the family of the deceased and not merely the family of Salman Khan?

Would the view that the judiciary had handed Salman Khan an exemplary sentence because of his celebrity status have been trotted out if he had killed another Bollywood star?

I can’t quite think of a word that means the opposite of exemplary, but that’s just the sort of word I would use for Bollywood today.

There are many things that I have grown to admire about Bollywood. I admire some of the excellent films that have been produced by the Hindi film industry. I admire Bollywood’s contribution to public relations — Hindi films are a hit in a diverse range of countries from Russia to Turkey. Full story...

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