Thursday, May 14, 2015

Drug dealer who swallowed stash breaks 'record' for refusing toilet...

A drug dealer has set a new unofficial record of 23 days for refusing to go to the toilet.

Last week Maidstone Crown Court, Kent, heard how David Akande, 26, held out for 21 days after swallowing 24 wraps of cocaine.

But his remarkable feat has now been overshadowed by Sy Allen, 30, now serving a 32-month sentence for possession with intent to supply Class A drugs.

He refused to go to the toilet for 23 days after being arrested with 44 wraps of heroin and cocaine hidden inside his body.

Police stopped a blue Mercedes hire car he was driving in Colchester, Essex, on March 31.

Officers suspected he was hiding something in his body, which he denied, after he was searched for drugs. Full story...

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