Sunday, April 19, 2015

Photographer captures life on the Singapore MRT...

Transit, the 37-year-old photographer's latest project, aims to "capture the daily theatre" of Singapore's multi-racial passengers on board its Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) trains.

"If you commute on the MRT and we are forced two inches in front of the doors, we'd all have the same reactions and share the same expressions and vulnerability," he told the BBC.

"The MRT is special to me perhaps because I grew up beside a train station. I would watch the old trains pass by my window everyday," he said.

He was inspired in 2011 when he returned to Singapore after a stint in Nepal, feeling like it was "a different country".

"I found that the trains in Singapore had become so crowded that it was difficult to board them during peak hours.

Out of frustration, I started to photograph what I saw at the doors." More + photos...

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