Thursday, March 26, 2015

Indonesian police accidentally got entire neighborhood high burning 3 tons of weed!!!

Police in West Jakarta, Indonesia, got drugs off the streets a few weeks ago, and then accidentally got an entire neighborhood high while they were destroying the drugs.

Residents and nearby journalists reported mild headaches after the area was engulfed by smoke that was pouring from a giant pile of burning cannabis. Police were prepared for the smoke and were wearing gas masks, but they must not have thought about everyone else in town who may not have been in the mood to catch a buzz.

“I got a headache because I wasn’t wearing a mask,” one resident told reporters.

It was also reported that the police destroyed 1.8 kilograms of confiscated crystal meth and 2,538 pills of ecstasy, but it is not clear how they were destroyed, or if they were destroyed on site as well.

No one reported any serious or long term side effects from the smoke, but the police managed to get everyone high with a drug that they arrest people for using on their own.

The burning was a ceremonial occasion that was witnessed by a number of officials and politicians. Source...

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