Wednesday, March 04, 2015

'I'm not marriage material': Bangalore woman's rebellious matrimonial CV goes viral...

When Indhuja Pillai’s parents posted a “groom wanted” advert on a matrimonial site, they thought they would find a nice husband for their only daughter. Instead they found she had become a poster girl for thousands of young Indian women who yearn to rebel against arranged marriages and make their own lives.

She posted her own advertisement – which has since gone viral – in which she described herself as a “speccy dork” and tomboy searching for a beardy macho man who does not like children and is not close to his family.

Her advert was seen as a war cry on behalf of young Indian women, most of whom are still expected to marry a man their parents choose and be a housewife with no ambition of their own. Most are expected to live with their husband’s family, be dutiful to his mother and bear him sons.

It emerged amid the outcry over the comments of one of the men sentenced to death for the 2013 gang rape and murder of a Delhi student who said she was to blame for her own death.


Ms Pillai, a 24-year-old “growth catalyst” at a Bangalore technology site, was today hailed as a symbol of hope after her advert rejected the stereotype and staked her claim to a life of adventure on her own terms. Full story...

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